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As an experienced executive and strengths coach specialised in working with senior leaders and high-potential future leaders, I support clients from C-suite and other senior executives through to ambitious entrepreneurs on a one-to-one and group basis and have coached clients in over 15 countries. I have particular experience of coaching within UHNW families.

My coaching approach is focused on helping you to identify opportunities to maximise performance and build on your strengths, helping you to grow in role, extend to the next level and/or find your work/life harmony.

Given the international nature of my work, I usually coach over video call and at a time convenient to you.  I am an accredited coach (ACC) with the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and hold a Professional Certificate in Executive Coaching from Henley Business School here in the UK. I am also a member of the Forbes Coaches Council.

About coaching

Coaching is a particular type of interaction where the coach (me) partners with the coachee (you) to provide you with the space, the time and some provocative and probing questions to help you to become more self-reflective and self-aware, shaping your future path and taking ownership of evolving your thinking, decisions and actions.

My role is in service of you, not to teach you things.  As a coach I’m not acting as a mentor, as a consultant or as a counsellor.  From time to time I may share my own opinion or introduce you to new books, resources and tools, but it’s up to you what you choose to do with that input.  The value in coaching comes from evoking awareness and progress in the mindset of the coachee (you), not about the coach (me) furnishing you with new facts you didn’t have before.

Have a look at this video from the International Coaching Federation on “What is Coaching”:

A programme of coaching with me typically comprises 6-8 sessions of 1-2 hours in duration, completed over the course of 3 to 12 months.


We agree objectives up front and check in regularly to make sure you are happy with the progress you’re seeing.  The content of the sessions is confidential between the two of us, with the (very rare) exception of where a potential legal or safeguarding issue arises in the coaching conversation.  If you would find it helpful then we may also gather input from stakeholders such as a line manager on the focus and objectives of coaching.  Click here to find out more about the Code of Ethics I adhere to as a member of the ICF.

The IDEA Programme

If you’re at a point of transition and looking to complete a holistic programme to evaluate your needs, figure out the path ahead, design and activate a plan of action then you’re a prime candidate for the IDEA Programme, a structured personal development and change journey of 9 sessions, split into 5 sessions from Foundations to Action Plan and a further 4 optional sessions to set you up for success physically, mentally and emotionally.  A simplified version of this programme is the basis of The IDEA Mindset, the book I published in 2022.  The IDEA Programme focuses on shaping the four core elements that drive your successful future – your Identity, your Direction, your Engagement and your Authenticity – together IDEA.  Each step in the Programme is a series of self-reflective exercises, bringing together the best coaching and personal development tools and techniques with some of the strategic tools I’ve used with individuals and organisations over the years to shape and deliver their vision and mission.


I operate a sliding scale on fees according to ability to pay (seniority and whether coaching is paid by the employer or the individual privately).  This approach enables me to broaden access to coaching.  I aim to deliver 10-20% of my coaching time pro-bono and also offer significantly discounted rates to people in the arts and charity sectors.

My coaching style is high-support, high-challenge, designed to help you achieve clarity in your thinking, decisions and actions, and to deliver significant and lasting change.  Contact me if you would like to discuss how we might work together.


Originally developed by the award-winning American psychologist Donald O. Clifton in 1999, CliftonStrengths 34 is Gallup’s sophisticated scientific tool to help people understand and target their natural talents and strengths. Ninety per cent of Fortune 500 companies have used it, and over 25 million people have now completed the CliftonStrengths assessment.

As a Gallup-certified Strengths Coach, I work with clients around the world on how to recognise and activate their strengths to be at their best and to design an engaging and authentic future.  It is a foundational element of understanding your IDEA Mindset.

Gallup research shows that people who receive strengths-based development have +18% increased performance when compared with their peers.  If you have an opportunity to use your talents and strengths, you are 6x more likely to be engaged and 3x as likely to report having an excellent quality of life.

 Watch the video here to understand more about the broader impact of understanding your CliftonStrengths:

You can purchase the CliftonStrengths 34 assessment directly from Gallup.  My own top five strengths are Maximiser, Strategic, Activator, Responsibility, Futuristic.  That means I get energy from making good things great, I love simplifying complex things down to clear options, choices and decisions, I am the person asking “come on, why haven’t we started yet?”, I can be trusted to do what I say I’m going to do, and I’m anchored to a very clear vision of the future.

If you’d like to understand your CliftonStrengths profile in more detail then contact me!