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Mildred Yuan



About me

I’m a talent agent with the leading agency United Agents, where I’ve worked since 2012. After my university education at Harvard and Cambridge, I spent the first six years of my career in management consulting before transitioning into the entertainment industry. I was also a professional ballroom dancer, training and competing internationally and representing England seven times at World and European championships.

Coaching and professional mentoring services

Alongside my work as an agent I coach and mentor high potential female professionals who are looking to find their voice, prepare for promotion or establish in a new role. I have completed mentorship training with the Creative Mentor Network and have experience mentoring at multiple levels, from new starters to senior leaders in a variety of industries and organisations. I have a specialty in balancing creative needs with financial needs and the emotional with the logical.

In style I am positive and energetic, balancing support and challenge to set the conditions for you to be able to achieve your potential. I have particular experience in diversity and inclusion, where I sit on a cross-industry representative group and also draw on my own experience as an Asian-American woman in a man’s world.

The practicalities

I deliver coaching in 1 hour sessions over Zoom, typically first thing in the day or early evening. A typical programme of working together would be two to four sessions, each 3-4 weeks apart, focused on target outcomes that we would agree up front. Sessions are payable in advance and we would have a simple agreement to set out our mutual ways of working. I charge on a sliding scale according to ability to pay, please contact me via Gary Crotaz Ltd. for rates and availability.