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What was your ‘Unlock Moment’?  Maybe it was a moment of realisation about your career direction?  Maybe it was a deeply personal moment that helped you find clarity on your priorities?  Maybe it was in a conversation with a friend, mentor or coach when you realised that you could let go of what had been holding you back?

When I work with my coaching clients, these are the breakthroughs that are so profound that they remember vividly where they were, who they were with, what they were thinking or saying when the ‘Unlock Moment’ happened.

The Unlock Moment is a podcast for my audience to learn about someone’s personal and professional journey and how they found clarity about who they are, where they’re going, and why.  In learning about their Unlock Moment, that instant of memorable clarity when they knew the right path ahead, listeners will tune into the confidence, clarity and calm that is at the heart of the IDEA Mindset.

The people I’m inviting on to the podcast are from a variety of diverse backgrounds, careers, countries.  Every story is unique and every story contains valuable experiences and lessons that others can learn from.

I hope you enjoy the conversation!

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