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The IDEA Mindset

The IDEA Mindset is my award-winning book, published in 2022 by whitefox. It was awarded ‘Coaching Book of the Year’ by Henley Business School and is the foundation for much of my career coaching work.

The IDEA Mindset is a way of thinking that will lead you towards a deeply fulfilling working life. Working through the journey, you complete self-reflective exercises to figure out who you are and where you’re going, for a future you love and that connects deeply with your sense of purpose.

My clients say:

  • “What I love about IDEA is that it didn’t feel like work. It took the difficulties I had in my career, helped me to prioritise in a complementary way and set me on a new trajectory.”
  • “IDEA moved the dial for me. Dr Gary’s practical, methodical approach resonated with me like no other, allowing me to spend quality time focusing on my strengths and understanding the why behind my purpose and values, both at work and in my personal life.”

The IDEA Mindset book was published in January 2022 in physical, ebook and audiobook formats and you can purchase it now!

15+ years

professional experience


certified strengths coach


ACC, international coaching federation

Your IDEA Mindset isn’t a certificate you can frame and put on the wall. It’s not an object you can store in a box under the bed. It’s something deep within you. Intangible maybe, but oh so powerful. My clients say that they have changed beyond recognition. It feels different to be them.

Your new perspective and plan will power you to a much more satisfying working life. The road won’t be easy, but you’ll have an inner compass to guide you on your way, and new skills and routines to support you even when the going gets tough.

The IDEA Mindset is personal to you. No one can write your vision, your purpose or your plan for you. Certainly not me! That’s why in the IDEA Mindset book you have to write it for yourself. Writing is part of the journey to self-discovery and change.

The IDEA Mindset

Identity | Direction | Engagement | Authenticity

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The book is available through Amazon and other major retailers.  It is available in physical, ebook and audiobook formats.