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The Unlock Moment

Dr Gary Crotaz is a compelling and inspirational public speaker, telling stories from his own life and career as a doctor, a dancer and a C-suite executive, as well as bringing to life the wisdom of the many world-leading experts he has interviewed on his hit podcast.

The Unlock Moment is his memorable keynote on the power of purpose-driven leadership. He brings to life how to connect with your deepest sense of purpose to find authenticity and impact in the way you show up at work and how you lead others.

Gary is represented for his speaking work by United Agents and is listed with Great British Speakers and Raise The Bar, or you can contact his team directly below.

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Speaker Reels 

Whether you’re inspiring your audience to discover their purpose, encouraging them to achieve peak performance or inviting them to work together as an effective team, Dr Gary Crotaz has a keynote to suit your requirements. Discover more below!

The Unlock Moment Discover Your Purpose To Grow As A Leader

Trailers for Leadership and Coaching

Featured in the Highlight Reel for the Retail Trust Together Fest 2023 (1m30)


“… Dr Gary Crotaz delivered one of our Highlight Sessions at the Climb23 Investor Summit with 1,600 attendees. Feedback was incredible and he inspired the room with his powerful Unlock Moment keynote – we are looking forward to welcoming him back next year …”

   Gordon Bateman, CEO of CRSI and Investor Ladder

“… Such a rewarding part of the week to have Dr Gary Crotaz join us at the Bank to share The Unlock Moment with the sponsorship programme. So many reflections and takeaways for the group about career planning and direction …”

   Katherine Chowdry MCIPD, Talent Manager at the Bank of England


Audience feedback on ‘The Unlock Moment’ keynote

“Brilliant talk!!!!!! Very many thanks….. hugely appreciated!!!!”

“Loved your talk yesterday, fantastic keynote and chat. It stirred up a lot for me.”

“The event was really insightful. I actually decided to listen to your book and some of your podcasts ahead of the event. Looking forward to some more Unlock Moments going forwards!”

“I very much enjoyed this talk and Q&A that followed, and I think I’d be a regular listener of The Unlock Moment podcast. I would also recommend checking out The IDEA Mindset book by Dr Gary Crotaz.”

“It was really great, thank you!”

“Thanks for yesterday!”

“Good session yesterday!”


Keynotes and panel sessions


Delivered and scheduled speaking engagments

The Watercooler Wellbeing Conference fireside chat (April 2024)
Baringa Partners leadership development workshops (December 2023)
NOVA Community breakfast keynote (November 2023)
Bank of England leadership keynote (November 2023)
Malt Strategy panel session (October 2023)
NHS Resolution leadership workshop (October 2023)
Forbes Coaches Council podcast for International Podcast Day (September 2023)
DMH Stallard leadership workshop (August 2023)
SpaFest at CarFest panel session, book signing and keynote (August 2023)
OC&C Strategy Consultants strengths workshops (Jul-Oct 2023)
Baringa Partners leadership conference keynote (June 2023)
Bank of England leadership workshops (June 2023)
Climb23 Investor Summit main stage keynote (May 2023)
Retail Week Together Fest panel session (May 2023)
The Pluralists Club lunch keynote (September 2022)
Suzie Walker Executive Search breakfast keynote and book signing (June 2022)